Feb 28 2019 - Mar 01 2019

I Hate Winter: 2019-02-28

I hate winter so very much. I hate of course how cold it is. All I want to do is be warm. I hate how much clothes I have to wear, how bulky it feels, how it affects basic mobility. I hate how hard it is to bike in winter, how slippery it is. How cold my ears, nose, toes, fingers all get. I hate how hard it is to get the kids ready to go outside, 30 minutes to go 5 minutes and back home. I hate anything to do with going outside. Can't quickly run to take the garbage out, can't go out without shoes.

There was a casting call for someone with long hair and substantial beard. I would have been perfect for it if I still had my hair that long. Seemed a dream, perfect fit for me. It was about playing with different hair styles too, seeing how it looked, what I always wanted, play with different looks and everything. Have someone change my hair to get that perfect look they want. Having my hair become art, something more, something with meaning.

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