Mar 14 2009 - Aug 11 2013

Green Door Update: 2009-03-14

A few days ago I updated my Green Glass Door so that there is now a comments page where winners of the door can go and comment about their victory. I didn't make the same update to the Red Plastic Window because I have decided to stop updating it. It's always just been a mirror of the GGD anyway, I won't remove it, but I won't keep it updated with the changes I make to the GGD anymore.

I have also begun work on my first web site re-design, finally putting everything I've learnt so far to good use. I am currently re-designing a site for a friend, making everything in my templates, so it doesn't rely all on frames, and so everything will be standards compliant, and hopefully get him a few more web views. As I go through making up this site I notice some changes I'd like to make to my own website, especially to my admin section. Some of these changes I've wanted to make before but kept putting off, and now I have a chance to finally get to them. Others come up as I think of how someone unfamiliar with my admin area would use it, and I try to simplify some things so it's more usable.

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