Aug 15 2008 - Nov 17 2014

Will It Go Through The Green Glass Door?

You are walking through a forest and all of a sudden you come upon a magic Green Glass Door. You walk around the door, trying to find a way through, but you can't figure out how to get past the door. As you continue your investigations you find only certain objects can pass through. Can you figure out the magic behind the door, what can and can not go through the GGD? Put various words in the box below to figure it out and beat the Green Glass Door.

  • Trees can go through the green glass door, but no branches.
  • There are no thoughts, but there is intelligence.
  • There is a hell beyond the green glass door, but no heaven.
  • There is Google and Yahoo on the other side of the green glass door, but no Microsoft.
  • There are tomorrows, but no yesterdays.

Will it go through the Green Glass Door?

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