Aug 15 2018 - Aug 15 2018

Buy Nothing Project: 2018-08-15

I really dislike the idea of these Buy Nothing Project groups, that you can only belong to 1 community. I find the idea toxic, noxious, and dividing. Lots of people live on the borders of their municipality, and interact with other communities all the time. Should be bringing us together, not creating more artificial divides like our borders already do.

You know where I live? Elmwood East Kildonan on the municipal level Elmwood on the provincial level Elmwood/Transcona on the federal level IN the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, North America, Earth

But in the end I'm human, I don't belong to a place but a people and I will not be limited by restrictions simply because "everyone needs to be put in exactly 1 place".

A community is a community interacting with everyone, someone is in walking distance I will still talk walk over and lend them things, so they can politely fuck off.

I support community lending libraries, where tools and resources are shared and lent in the community, whoever can go there to borrow the tool they need, uses it, returns it in good condition for others to use. The only barriers should be the physical ones, if the person can easily transport there and back again then that is community. Not some label, I reject these labels.

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