Sep 17 2018 - Sep 17 2018

Batman Joke: 2018-09-17

One day Batman and Robin were our driving. They saw a crime in progress and went to investigate. Usual thing, someone robbing a bank, no named criminals. After doing their usual shtick, breaking bones, causing comas, tying up lifeless bodies, Batman asks Robin to bring the batmobile around and pick him up, he just wants to get a few last kicks in.

Robin gets to the vehicle but the car won't start. He tries several times but it just keeps making a clicking kind of noise. Robin comes back inside.

"Batman, I'm sorry the batmobile won't start. I keep pressing the big red button but it won't go. The gas is full, I always keep it full. "

"Have you checked the battery, boy wonder?"

"What's a tery?"

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