Jan 22 2018 - Jan 22 2018

ALF Stuffie: 2018-01-22

I remember when I got my Alf stuffie. I think I was 18, working stock at Royal Fork. Some fun times getting there so early in the morning. I would talk to Pat a lot and somehow Alf came up and my obsession on collecting stuffies, used to be so good at the claw machine. This was a good find though, and she was willing to give it to me for $10. Always used to make me remember my Royal Fork days, some of my favourite times doing stock, I loved that job. Rotating everything, putting boxes away as quick as I could. It was good hard work. Breaking down boxes, seeing how early I could be done. We'd have 300-400 piece orders and I'd have them put away while they went, and almost completely done by time they were done dropping it off, and usually all done within 2 hours of when delivery starts.

I didn't understand everything about hard work back then, I thought people would like it if I finished early and took a long break until the restaurant opened. Then they wouldn't have to pay me as much. Took me a while to learn they would rather have me cleaning or prepping, I thought they just wanted labour reduced. So I would go to the mall and bring back stuffed animals to add to my collection. I think that was when Pat noticed my obsession and offered me this rare find.

Stock days were the best days. I remember one time there was a giant snow storm, shortly after I started dating Diana. She drove me to work that day in the van. The van kept getting stuck, and I remember it getting really stuck at a yield. Actually it may have been the neon car. And it was 5am so there was no one around. Managed to get her going, told her not to try the parking lot and ran to work from there. And then waited almost 2 hours for the truck because it was so late. I think this was our first day switching to Sysco as well for major deliveries, so that was fun sorting things with unfamiliar boxes while running behind schedule.

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