Nov 03 2007 - Aug 11 2013

Year Of Love

The last year has been filled with laughter,
It has been full of tears,
Of joy and sorrow.
This last year with you has
Upset my soul,
Changed me;
For the better,
Sprung to life feelings,
Long forgotten,
Never felt before,
Made me whole,
To be with you is like putting together a puzzle,
And we fit perfectly.
We started off simply enough,
And then we blossomed,
Into each other.
We danced,
We sang (regrettably),
We played,
We kissed,
We fought,
We loved.
We were beautiful,
Beautiful fools,
We were beautiful fools dancing in the moon light,
Shining where we saw fit.
And I just want you to know,
That for me,
This has been,
The year of love.

I wrote this for my girlfriend (Diana) for our one year anniversary.

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