Dec 30 2014 - Dec 30 2014

Typical Morning Day: 2014-12-30

This morning I woke up as the dogs were crazy as usual. They hear a dog barking outside so they start barking, I try to keep them quiet so Ryder can sleep. When they stop barking I let them outside, not for very long though as it is Winnipeg in the winter.

I have a glass of water and go on reddit for a bit. After a little while I go on the PS3 and play Godfather II, the game I started playing last night with Doug. I hear Ryder is awake, he's not crying so I finish my mission and then go upstairs to him.

He had peed through his sleeper last night, one of the zippered ones. I switched him to a button up sleeper, and of course he got his penis out of his diaper, and peed himself again. He handed me a new diaper and I took his sleeper off and his diaper. He took his dirty diaper and threw it in the diaper genie in the bathroom while I got rid of his blankets. He came back and ran around a little until I finally got his new diaper on.

After that I pulled out a shirt, and we struggled for a while to get that on him. He kept running away, telling me firmly "No!" And grabbing it and trying to hide it. Finally it was on and he was happy. Next we had the same struggle with a pair of pants.

After that he pulled some blankets out of the closet where and brought them to where I was sitting. He kind of pushed me so I was more lying down and then came up beside me with his pillow. He then got up again and got two books, one with ducks and one with bears, he gave me the bear book and sat down beside me with the duck book. He would look at it and flip pages, and he would look over to me reading, and if he saw I stopped would take the book and make me read again. If I tried to get up he would go "No No No!" and pull me back down. For a little bit he flipped my book for me. He got up and closed the door, keeping us in after a cat had snuck in. He didn't seem to want the cat to intrude on our time. We read like that for about an half an hour to an hour. If I tried to use my phone he would take it from me, hide it, and then run over and give me the book again.

Finally it was time to go. Socks were another big issue, when he saw me take them out of the drawer he kept trying to shove them back in. Breaks my heart having to go to work and abandon him. He kept grabbing his swimming stuff like he wanted to go swimming. He would get excited when I would pick it up and mad if I tried to put it away. He was running around like crazy making sure everything was perfect in the room, kept changing the blanket or moving the pillow, just wanted to read with his Daddy. Feel like I'm betraying him whenever we leave. We were having such a good time, don't want it to ever end. More and more I feel like just not going into work. I fear when he actually starts talking he'll ask me not to go into work and I'll just say yes. Just love my little boy.

I love how authoritative he says no, he is telling you no and you better listen. Whenever something isn't how he wants he says no, a cat sneaks in the room he tells it no, a dog steals a toy he goes "no no no", he points so much, and he smiles so nicely when he's getting what he wants, looks so happy, nods his head when you go along with him.

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