Nov 30 2014 - Nov 30 2014

The Real Escape: 2014-11-30

Had a fun experience doing the Real Escape. Doug, Nelson, Tim, Chris, Diana, and I all made it out. We had sixty minutes to make it out. We were doing really well in the first half but got hung up in the second half due to a confusing lock; we didn't realise where the line for the numbers was and then there was a colour puzzle when we were just thinking about numbers. We kept trying to match the colours with numbers but really we needed to focus more on the colours first. Got out with a minute and a half to spare. Also loved that Doug used one lock to fish another puzzle out, instead of using the water like we were apparently supposed to. Helped propel us along the first half. Was a great and exciting experience. Can't wait to do similar activities.

Now that I think back to it I had told the guy running it that the first half was more number oriented, which was why I was hung up on numbers for the paint. But now I realize I was just focusing on the numbers, that is who I am, and it was lucky that we had other people there that were non-number people. There were other puzzles that weren't number related, or barely, and I didn't pay attention to them because I was focusing on the numbers. Even the ones which barely relied on the numbers, that was all I was focusing on. So it wasn't that the room was number focused it was that I was number focused. In fact very few puzzles (only a couple) actually had any math, and those that had numbers it wasn't really the puzzle part. That is the puzzle wasn't about the numbers, but the puzzle revealed the numbers, they were the clue you discover, not the puzzle itself. So a lot of clues were numbers, but that's how locks go. Very few puzzle were number oriented, but that's what I focused on. It was very well designed the more I think about it.

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