Sep 10 2014 - Sep 10 2014

Taking Care Of Ryder Is Getting Challenging: 2014-09-10

Today I woke up to him banging on his door, he had woken up before me. I got out of bed and entered his room to find poop everywhere. I threw him in the bath and tried to clean. It was on the walls, the floor, his pillow. Everywhere except his diaper, I'm guessing he took his diaper and pants off before pooping. This mirrored yesterday where he pooped on the living room table while I was busy trying to clean the basement. Also I caught him squatting the other morning, with his pants on though. It was cute, he was in the middle of watching George, got up to around the middle of the room and just squatted for a few minutes.

My robe and pajama pants from yesterday still had some fecal matter on them after the wash so I soaked them in the sink. Sadly I forgot I was soaking them in the sink and an hour later the basement was flooded. Not as bad as when Diana did it last month, but still a lot of water. Now we've both forgotten that sink while it was running.

Hope he figures out the potty soon, will make things a lot easier.

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