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Shadow Broke Her Paw: 2014-01-15

On January 10th we noticed Shadow was limping. We took her to the vet as soon as we could in the morning and learned 3 of her 4 toes were broken. We're not sure how this happened, she must of fell somewhere or got her foot stuck somewhere. She's on two pain meds now, we decided not to opt for surgery as it was around $2000, and with the uncertainty of what is happening with the car right now this is just a really bad time. The vet said her foot should heal up okay, and recommended not splinting it as well. We are just letting it heal on its own.

Also not sure if I've mentioned this but Diana got into an accident the other week. She hit a traffic standard after getting into a rut and hitting a bad patch of ice. Was just informed the car is going to be written off, still not sure for how much. Just got the car last year so if they don't give us enough we could have years of payments on it still, as well as still needing to buy a new car. Everyone is okay, though Diana's back and shoulders are really hurting now.

Work is alright, cleaner than ever. I screwed up the other day. We like to serve our salmon medium, I let it go out medium rare. The guy said it was raw and sent it back. I offered to cook a new one, or whatever he wanted, he said he didn't want to test the cook's skills, so he just had a salad. Feel bad about it, it was my mistake, I should have ensured it was a good medium. Though I don't feel it was raw, just a little under-cooked. It was a stupid mistake and should not have happened.

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lissa - 2014-01-15 10:30:27:

Sorry about the salmon but it sounds like the guy was a bit of a jerk as well.

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