Oct 09 2014 - Oct 09 2014

Ryder Is Talking: 2014-10-09

Ryder has finally started talking again. He was talking earlier, but he kind of stopped in favour of shouts, grunts, ooohs and aahhhs, and da da da's, and especially pointing as his chosen form of communication. Yesterday though he tried to force feed me a cookie and said "cookie", and t

oday when I went into his room he shouted "morning!"

He has been trying to feed us a lot lately. Loves feeding the dog as well. Yesterday he tried to shove bread in my mouth, and when I wouldn't let him he tried to force my mouth open. He does this with most of his food, especially if he likes it, he wants to share.

He has also taken to shushing me. If I'm singing or he just doesn't want me talking he will put the palm of his hand over my mouth to keep me quiet.

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