Oct 28 2006 - Aug 11 2013

Old LJ Entry: Why I Quit: 2006-10-28

Okay a lot of people have been asking me why I quit my job, just to clarify it's not because of Ashley. As if after three and a half years I am just going to quit because some girl smears salad in my face. I've been meaning to quit for a while now, and I guess I just finally went through with it. I just needed a change really, and I'm tired of that place. No matter how well I do my job, Rose always finds fault, people there are nothing but a bunch of gossips, I've been putting on weight eating there every day etc etc. I know I should have found a new job before quitting, but I just really didn't want to be there anymore, I'll find a job, still making that resume :P I got a few weeks to find a job, and I'm sure I'll find someplace that will take me.

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