Oct 21 2006 - Aug 11 2013

Old LJ Entry: Paintball, First Kiss: 2006-10-21

Paintball was great, lots of fun, lasted about 4 hours. But not going to talk about that much, finally kissed Diana, after screwing up after the movies I was telling myself not to screw up again (which of course I almost did). I was really nervous and we were pretty much having one huge awkward moment (which I refused to walk away from) but I was really nervous so I couldn't end it, apparently I was shaking a lot lol bad I know. Then she saved it by saying "So you gonna make a move or what" at which point I finally kissed her. I hope to kiss her more in the future and now that the first kiss is out of the way hopefully I won't be so nervous (I know I suck, lol can't help it though).

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