Dec 06 2006 - Aug 11 2013

Old LJ Entry: No Sleep Makes Me Cranky: 2006-12-06

I am fucking pissed off at Mom right now. You see we used to have 2 computers, mine, that was kept in my room, and my brother's that he kept in the family room. Mom is a online dating site freak who can't fucking go 1 hour without checking her online fucking messages, now this didn't used to be a problem as Jason's fucking computer was in the family fucking room, but now he moved out, and took his computer with him. Now I like to get some sleep, a good 5 hours straight is all I ask, maybe even 6 if the mood fucking strikes me. But for the last few weeks she gets up at 530 in the morning, goes on my fucking computer, waking me up in the process every FUCKING TIME. Needless to same this does not make me well rested and very pissed off at Mom and the whole fucking stupid world. Now I lock my door every night, it's just how I like to sleep, but you can use a nail on the other side of the door to get in, which she fucking does every single morning. Now tonight I went to bed at 400, setting my alarm to 9:30, that's over 5 hours of sleep. But what time is it, 8:00??? fuck that shit, why the hell am I up this fucking early you ask? Because my fucking mom woke me the fuck up again! At 530 she woke me up, I went back to sleep. At 5:50 she woke me up, I went back to sleep, at 6:25 she did it again! At this point I can not fucking go back to sleep, since she will just wake me up again anyway, and now I am feeling like taking a big giant liquidy shit on the fucking world. I feel like hurting something or someone today, just ruin their fucking day like mine is ruined now. Even on my days off where I would usually be able to sleep the fuck in, you know get my good 12 hours of sleep to owe up for all the sleep I don't get on days I work, she wakes me the fuck up still, and I am fucking getting tired as shit about it. And then she moans and bitches at me for not doing enough to help around the house "go shovel the driveway" and shit like that while I can barely keep my fucking eyes open anymore. And to top it all off she barely knows how to use a computer, after how fucking long of fucking using them??? So she is constantly asking me questions, which I wouldn't mind so much, but she is so fucking dumb that I repeat the same thing 20 times, over and over and over again, and it just won't drill into that stupid bleached brain of hers. Well you know what, fuck her! Fuck the way she wakes me up every fucking morning, fuck the way she says I don't help out enough, I do my fucking best, and give her 300 a month in friggin rent, much more than any of my friends who still live with their parents pay, and then of course she bitches at me for not saving up any fucking money, well fuck her! I am fucking tired of being the nice guy that gets treated like shit, I am fucking tired period! And seriously how desperate do you have to be where you start dating people off the fucking net anyway? And you have to check your inbox every 30 min, not like they're going to disappear, and type your little fucking messages to each other, how fucking sad is that? I really want to either move out into some apartment right now, or get a new monitor, since I don't fucking have the money for either one right now I'm fucked, and pissed off. All I fucking want is a good nights sleep every day, but that probably won't happen kill the day I fucking kick the bucket, so fuck it. Fuck Mom, fuck the world, and most of all fuck fucking life.

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