Oct 23 2006 - Aug 11 2013

Old LJ Entry: My Stomach: 2006-10-23

My stomach fucking sucks. It sucks on a whole new level of suckiness. My stomach is the ultimate in suckage, it deserves a medal for being able to suck so fucking much. If my stomach were a person his name would be Sucky Mcsucksuck. Sucky would spend his time going around sucking, because that's all he fucking knows how to do. Sucky would try out the the special Olympics, but he would get kicked out for sucking so much. Sucky would try out to be an astronaut, and they'd let him on board, but as a toilet, because of his awesome sucking abilities. What's the only thing that can suck and blow at the same time? A vacuum, and Sucky, that's right not only does Sucky suck, he took blowing up as a hobby. If you can't tell by now my stomach fucking sucks (duh!) and should die in a fire ASAP.

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