Dec 25 2006 - Aug 11 2013

Old LJ Entry: Merry X-Mas Y'all: 2006-12-25

The other night when I was sleeping with Diana she asked me, in her sleep, "Why do you want to know" and at the time I was thinking about life, the universe, everything, and was wondering what the big secret (lie) that was behind it all, when she did that, so I think she's psychic now. Have to work tomorrow but hopefully I get to see Diana later tonight. I want a new TV with S-Video so that I can hook it up to my computer, and then give me old monitor to my mom, so far I have 80$ saved up, and I'm screwed with my VISA and chequing for a bit so have to try to stop spending for a bit. I'm curious as whether or not my phone bill got paid, as I'm not sure transactions over 100 are processed, I'll figure it out later tonight. But to quote the simpsons, A merry christmas, a Krazy Kwanzaa, A happy Hannokua, and a solemn Ramadan to all.

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