May 29 2014 - May 29 2014

New Puppy/Bike Stolen: 2014-05-29

Got a new puppy, German Shepard, border collie mix. Her name is Daisy. Very energetic. We will be moving soon, June 15th, almost there. Nice big yard for her to run around in. Miss my cats, they all have been hiding a lot lately. Ryder loves her though, been having lots of fun outside with her.

Left my bike at work locked up at the bike rack. Diana picked me up a while ago without a bike rack on the car and I left it there for a few days until we could take it home. Didn't take it home the other day as I had two bikes at work and I just wanted to go home. Yesterday was going to take it home, realized it was gone. It was a really nice bike, the ride was good. It had the baby carrier attached, which was very useful for me as I need to take Ryder different places. I couldn't attach the bike carrier to my bike the way the handlebars are so I'll have to buy a new bike and a new baby carrier if I want to be able to take Ryder with me anywhere.

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