Aug 15 2008 - Aug 11 2013

More Sidebar Changes: 2008-08-15

Alright, so the sidebar has undergone a bit of a change again, this time to help navigation. Now when you are on a directory listing the sidebar will also list the contents of the directory, with a little bit of an indent, so it looks somewhat like an actual pull-down menu. The idea is you can now surf the entire site using only the sidebar, main page excluded which currently doesn't have a sidebar.

Also I have been working on the submit form for my site, and greatly improved the ease of use of the buttons. You can see how the buttons now work on my Test site. I'm fairly happy with how it works now, and don't see any need for tweaking right now. Right now I'm working on making the text wrap around the sidebar instead of it going straight down like it currently does, besides that I'm always working on my cooking sub-domain, but very very slowly.

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