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House Ideas: 2014-03-26

Well since it's become clear the house will never be what I dreamed it will be, the basement will never get done, and we are going to move on, hopefully to somewhere that works out a lot better for us I've decided to share the dreams I've had for my house. I had improvements planned out for years to come, some we managed to do already, like the laminate floor and the painting, but lots of things we're never finished or started due to construction delays and troubles.

Well what we were working on and trying to get done was have the house lifted and a new basement dug out with a new foundation. It would be a finished basement with a drop ceiling (besides the laundry room). The laundry room would be behind a door as you go down the stairs to your left, we would also reverse the stairs for safety reason. Right now the stairs are right by the back door, so whenever you come in there they are, and with everyone coming in at once it's easy to fall down.

We would get an electric furnace and move that, the hot water tank, the washer, the dryer, and maybe the freezer into the laundry room. The breaker box would be in their as well, upgraded to 200 amps. The dryer would of course be properly vented for once.

There would be a full bathroom downstairs, with a large tub, or maybe Jacuzzi. The rest of the area would be like a den or playroom for Ryder and future children. There would be a bar and a fridge. We would have another bedroom in the basement as well, up against the wall, running the length of the front of the house. The floors would all by vinyl, maybe carpeted.

Next I would like to do some small work around the house. Get rid of all of the stucco on the ceilings and re-paint them all, white. Nice flat white ceilings. I would replace all the trim and baseboards, including the trim for the windows with non-painted wood trim, and stain it instead of painting it. I would change the light fixtures I don't like out in the bedrooms, front hallway and kitchen. I would replace the doors with solid wood doors, oak or something, and stain those as well. Eventually I'd like to replace the fridge, stove and dryer with stainless steel varieties. I would change all the cupboards in the kitchen to wooden ones, stained of course. I would change the bathtub upstairs to a new white one, instead of the faded blue one now. I would tile the bathroom, instead of the plastic panel there now, and have shower doors instead of the curtain. I would set the mirror cupboard into the wall, in-between the studs, so the light can penetrate more and it'll look roomier. So the only things that will be white are the ceilings and the fixtures in the bathroom.

Next I would have them build up, a second floor to our house. The stairs would be over top of the other ones in the attic, as you walk in the back door the stairs would be right there going up. I would replace the rails with drywall, make the ceiling in the expansion flat, and extend the second floor/attic over the expansion. The expansion as it is now would turn into a front hallway, with shoe racks and coat racks, with little furniture for ease of travel to the two staircases.

When you walk upstairs to your right would be a door that leads into my office, my computer would be up there, along with some personal artifacts, like books, cooking books, action figures, toy guns, my sword, and other knick knacks I like. There would be a window over-looking the garden. My computer would be up against the far wall, so that as I sit in my chair the window will be to my left, and I can look out while working.

The rest of the upstairs would be more of an adults area, maybe with a pool table, darts board, video games, a half bath with just the toilet and sink, maybe a stand shower. There would be a mini-fridge and a small bar. By the front of the house I would have two walk-in closets, probably put Halloween stuff in one and Christmas in the other. There would be space between them to create a hallway effect.

By now we would be having our third child so I will make another bedroom in the basement, this one going across the side of the house, maybe having to take the bar out, or stopping right at the bar, and turn the basement more into a playroom and move adult stuff out of there. The bar would be more for storage of toys and snacks and such, as well as the fridge.

Next I would have a front porch put in, with a flat roof. It would be screen windows all around. There might be a couple of chairs for sitting, but it would be a mud room where you take your shoes off before coming inside. I would put a little cat door underneath the large front window so they can come in and out as they please. On top of the porch I would have a balcony, that you can reach through the second floor by going through the hallway in-between the two closets. There would be a couple of rocking chairs and that's it, nice simple place to go and read.

I would also be making minor improvements to the house as we go, adding insulation to the walls on the first floor, adding more outlets everywhere, especially the basement. Making sure the new attic is well insulated and ventilated. I'd like to dig a pit for a permanent underground pool, with stones around it, and small patio you can get away from the bugs. As it is the large pool makes it hard to see the garden, and it is hard to get around. A custom fit below ground pool would work a lot nicer. As well I'd have the garage in a box set-up so the car can have some shelter.

At this point I would have liked to sell for a house we had built ourselves, that is very energy efficient, with that being taken into consideration in the design, so it uses little water and electricity. Try to have solar panels, a very large yard for room for everything we want outside, and many other ideas I have for that house that I won't get into here.

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