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Great Day With Ryder At The Park: 2014-10-01

So I have been working a lot of 4-12 shifts lately. Don't get home till just before one if I'm lucky; that is if I catch the 12:02 bus, which lines up with the #11 to get me home ten to one. Otherwise I won't get home closer to 1:30 or 2, unless I'm biking. Lately Ryder has been getting up by 7 or 8, which is very tiring for me and makes it more difficult to watch over him. It's usually me laying down on the couch or one of the beds trying to sleep/nap and him watching TV and throwing things around, making messes everywhere. I did manage to get a 20 minute nap today though, which has given me a lot of energy for the day.

We left early so I had time to take him and Daisy to the park. I like to go to the one on the way to Colleen's because I can close the gate so Ryder and Daisy can't escape. We played there for about an hour, I found a Toad racer toy from McDonald's in his bag and he just loved playing with it on the slide. Moving it back and forth, climbing the stairs and throwing/wheeling it down, or just wheeling it up the slide and watching it slide down. I also found a blue Hot Wheels car at the park, Ryder insisted I play with it. If I put it down he would pick it up and give it to me or throw it at me. We would go up to the top of the slide together and race them down, and were playing for quite a while at the bottom of the slide just moving them around, back and forth. In the meantime I was playing with Daisy, I forgot her ball, so I threw some cough medicine that was in Ryder's bag around for her. Found another black Hot Wheels car as we were leaving, Ryder didn't want anything to do with it, as he was upset we were leaving. Usually it takes him ten minutes or so to get bored and then we're gone, but after an hour he still didn't want to leave. He also loved the garbage truck when it went by, running around and screaming at it, the garbage man was nice enough to wave to him, though he still doesn't know to wave back.

Also he is really into my old pair of Marvel headphones. Loves dragging it around, and trying to plug it into everything.

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