Oct 26 2008 - Aug 11 2013

Eternal Joy

See you hurting yourself,
Same way I did long ago.
I give the advice you gave me at that time,
To the same effect.
You cry out to me,
As I did you.
Begging for relief,
from the same thing you warned me against.
I didn't listen and had so much pain,
And now you don't listen in your torment.
You tried to stop me from getting to myself,
I am trying everything to help.
I watch in misery,
You watched in agony.
We hurt ourselves,
In the giving and receiving,
more than we'll ever admit.
We are the same,
Each circling around the other,
Switching roles,
Ignoring the other as once ignored.
Taking the same pain the other once took.
We anguish over the other,
To forget our own pain.
We are of the mirror,
Looking at the other,
looking at ourselves.
Late at night I whisper words of encouragement,
As you once did for me.
You used to take me in your arms and listen as I let out my sorrow,
Now I do the same for you.
We became the other,
To try to help our opposite,
Now we come to find the pain still exists.
I hope when this current loop is done,
We can finally break out of the circle,
Into the world beyond,
And acknowledge what each did for the other,
To find eternal joy.

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