Dec 20 2008 - Aug 11 2013

E-mail Form: 2008-12-20

I have added an E-mail form to contact me in, you guessed it, my contact page. I built it in PHP, it was rather easy and straight forward. If you forget the subject or message it won't send it and ask you to put it in. When this happens it remembers your previous message or subject, and the from field. This is important because I for one hate it when I'm trying to send a message, some error comes up, and the message is lost.

I decided to use this so you can E-mail my new address without really giving out my new address, so the spammers can't get to it. I still have my old address up for those of you who can't get the form working, I still check it regularly as well. This whole thing was going to be my Christmas break project for the site, along with my Green Glass Door update, however I got the GGD done during exam week, and the week before, and I got this done in the last two days, so my to do list for my site is sadly empty for the Christmas break. I might do some writing, though don't count on it as the chances of that happening are incredibly low. I'll probably just spend the time off with Diana, maybe actually try to enjoy the winter.

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