Aug 09 2008 - Aug 11 2013

Codes Added To Submit Pages: 2008-08-09

I have added buttons to my submit form so that I can add new pages easier now. So far I only have three codes, though I plan on adding more, I'll update this list as I add more. This is taking one step closer to creating my cooking site, making sure people can easily submit content.

  • To create a paragraph use [PARA]Text Goes Here[/PARA]
  • To create a line break use [BR /]
  • To bold text use [BOLD]Text Goes Here[/BOLD]
  • To italic text use [ITAL]Text Goes Here[/ITAL]
  • To center text use [CENTER]Text Goes Here[/ENDD]
  • To create ordered list use [OL][LI]List Item Goes Goes Here[/LI][/OL]
  • To create unordered list use [UL][LI]List Item Goes Here[/LI][/UL]
  • To create a list item use [LI]Item Goes Here[/LI]
  • To create a link use [LINK]linkurl.php[1]Name Of Link[/LINK]
  • To make a image use [IMG][ALT][TITLE][WIDTH][HEIGHT][/IMG]
  • For a image that links use [LINK][1][IMG][ALT][TITLE][WIDTH][HEIGHT][/IMG][/LINK]
  • For a heading style 3 use [H3][/H3]
  • For a heading style 4 use [H4][/H4]

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