Apr 24 2014 - Apr 24 2014

Attacked By Goose Today: 2014-04-24

On my bike ride to work today I was attacked by a goose at the airport. I had my headphones on so I didn't hear it but it looked like it was hissing and hooting at me or whatever. It started to run at me pretty quickly, so I biked faster and swerved away from the curb as quick as I could. Luckily there were no cars behind me.

Open house for our home this Sunday, hope it goes well. Need to be able to make a down payment on the new house when we find one. Have been actively looking the last two weeks now, nothing that we like within our price range yet, but we will be patient and wait until we find something that works. Have seen a couple of good ones, but were just asking too much for us. Perhaps we will have to settle for something not quite big enough, and move again in 10 years to get the price we want, but as long as we keep moving up towards our goal.

Been lazy as Sous lately, it's been hard to stay motivated when it's this slow, and every year seems to get slower no matter what we do. I understand it's out of our control due to the hotel always getting slower, but it is kind of de-motivating when there is never any real work to do. Did a lot of cleaning a few months ago, now there isn't much to clean, just need to work harder on keeping it clean. Summer is coming so at least I'll be less bored then.

Ryder is awesome as always. Managed to sneak outside quickly today while me and Diana were per-occupied. He had the mop with him and was trying to mop the rain off the cement when we found him. Very cute, but lesson learned about making sure the door is fully closed. Always teaching me things, and he always brings me so much joy.

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