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April Fools Kitchen Prank: 2014-03-31

RE: Table Side Omelettes Service
March 31, 2014

Can you please start cooking all omelettes table side, in front of the guests, in the mornings starting immediately. This will help set us apart from our competition, and really make breakfast service shine. We’ve set up the service cart how we think it could work, if you think any changes need to be made, feel free, whatever will work for you. The eggs can be kept on top along with the bowl and the stove. Make sure they are always kept in an ice bath. Guests want to see food safety in action, so always keep safety in mind of course; safety first. All your ingredients will be on the shelf underneath, for easy reaching. In the event of a large order, or mixed orders that have omelettes and non-omelettes, cook all the food in the back you need to, then come out with your cart and cook the omelettes table-side. This might seem like a lot more work right now, but it’ll add flair to our cooking, a more personalized service. Our kitchen staff is excellent, and we must continue to push ourselves to better every single angle of our service. There are more gas canisters in the back for when you need them. Jamie and I believe we can all make this work, and this will make us really stand out. Any suggestions are always welcome on how to improve this, or anything else we are doing food, service, or cleanliness wise. As we continue to develop this and other ideas we have we will gain a great reputation for outstanding service, and excellent quality food.

Ryan Kochie
Sous Chef

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