May 26 2009 - Aug 11 2013

Work Today: 2009-05-26

Work was really busy today, got a good workout. Started doing prep in the morning, got a fair bit done, I'm getting faster. Then I had to do the staff meal, was bit of a struggle for me, but got it done early, and tasted good so it was all good. It was just a simple pasta with red pepper and mushrooms, and meat sauce.

Then I was on the line for most of the rest of the day. Jamie helped me with the lunch rush, was a bit busy, and I fell behind in the end, but with his help we got caught up quickly. From 2-3 he had a meeting, and I was on my own. It was going alright until quarter after when the bills started coming in while I was in the middle of tearing down the cold bar and restocking it. I was doing good despite the fact that the inserts were scattered everywhere. Then at 2:30 the cover for the light bulb, that was recently changed, fell on top of the griddle, totally throwing me off. I tried to keep up, putting a pie pan to use on the grill, but I didn't have time to clean the griddle or make new gravy, soup, chicken etc. At 3 someone come on and helped me get caught up, and with Jamie's help by 4 we had the griddle clean and gravy, soup etc. made again. I worked the line with the 3:00 guy till 5:00 when Tony came on. I then went in the back and prepped till quarter after six, at which point I went back on line to help with the rush. At seven I was finally done, a nice days work. Feels nice to be working hard all day, though I am a little sore.

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