May 07 2011 - Aug 11 2013

Working On Expansion Floor: 2011-05-07

We're doing the floor in the expansion now. It is a lot of trouble as the floor is very un-level and there is a slope going into the kitchen. We've got it painted and I think it looks very nice. The basement steps are done and the new drywall is up. If worst comes to worst I'll just have to take the old floor out and put in all new floor. I'm trying to avoid this as I don't really want to touch the expansion, those joists scare me.

The drain is still not draining, or draining at a very slow rate, so the basement is constantly flooding again. We got a new back flow valve in properly so nothing is coming up, but anytime we use water it doesn't go down quickly enough and collects in the basement. Diana has been doing laundry at her parents, and we've cut out baths altogether, taking it easy on showers etc. I think we're going to call the city soon, it has been over a week and it hasn't gotten much better.

Work has been a busy week, trained Tim to close, which was fun, though I hate how filthy cold side is and take too much time cleaning it. I feel all out of energy right now. Friday we got a little busy for a bit, and I messed up with the pulls, again. I can't let myself mess them up again, I need to make sure what I need to have is pulled, no excuses.

There is no afterlife, we all die, so when I die I become nothing. This got me rather depressed last night and I drank a lot. Nothing I do matters, in a few generations I'll be but a name, and then one day I won't even be that. I don't want to disappear.

Almost done all of the Portal 2 trophies on PS3, this will be my second platinum after Modern Warfare 2. Couple I have to wait for the PSN to come back online, but I think I will have them all by then.

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D - 2011-05-10 00:26:36:

You are not nothing. You matter to me.

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