Mar 15 2011 - Aug 11 2013

Work/Basement: 2011-03-15

In a horrible mood today, can't seem to calm myself down right now, figure I'll be drinking a lot when I get home. All Jeff again pissing me off. See I'm a perfectionist, especially when it comes to my food, that I take such pride in, so when I serve a pork tenderloin I want it served in nice big pieces. This is very important to me. Jeff can't grasp this concept, or many others, so I do everything on hot side myself so he can't fuck it up. Now before I can stop him he has a knife in his hand "oh Ryan, I'll cut the pork". Fuck you! I don't want you cutting my pork, you cut it into six little shit pieces that will cook way too fast now, I wanted three big pieces.

Next he keeps fucking poking me now, whenever he wants me to look at Tony he'll poke me in the back to take a look at Tony's food. Screw that, he can't even serve good food himself, leave Tony alone who works three times as hard as Jeff ever will. Mind your own fucking business, you're not running the line at night, I am, so fuck off.

The thing that pissed me off the most was some room service order, they wanted half salad half fries, but then Jeff opens his big fucking mouth, which never seems to close, and says no. The thing that probably gets me the most mad is I didn't step in, I was a little busy but I still should of said something. Jeff wasn't even the one working that station, he is working middle, not salads, so let Tony do what he does, leave him the fuck alone and focus on trying to make your food somewhat presentable, because he never seems to be able to pull off a good plate of food unless he's being watched by several people. It isn't a big deal, you give them a little fries and a little salad, everything is okay. But because I didn't speak up some guest didn't get exactly what he wanted, I failed to help make someone happy through my inaction. Maybe that's why I can't calm down, I'm as mad at myself as I am at him, it was him being his usual ass of a self, but me failing to step in and make a guest truly satisfied. If I can't make everyone that eats here have the best food/experience possible, why the fuck am I still here, dealing with this dipshit?

I've been working on the basement, we've pulled everything up and taken most of it to Diana's parents. I have been getting rid of all of the junk underneath the basement, including: moldy pink insulation, containers of rat poison, few dozen old rusty tools, old tent poles, lots of old wood, wires that don't lead anywhere, at least 100 feet of wires have been removed, old paint coveralls, an Easter basket, old roll of carpet that doesn't match any in our house, and some old style wash boards. There are many more than what I've listed, and the basement already seems to be smelling better since I've gotten rid of this junk. Frightens me to think of our cats playing in this.

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