Oct 21 2011 - Aug 11 2013

Weekly Jeff Rant: 2011-10-21

He got mad at me for getting rid of his tongs, as they are all grimy because he never washes his hands. Was getting me really mad today as he kept putting bills up with his dirty fingerprints all over it, I don't want to stare at that for the next ten minutes while I do the bill, so fuck you, clean your fucking hands before you touch shit. Oh and thanks a lot for doing nothing for the last half hour of your shift and just leaning on the counter. This is after his four or five smoke breaks of the day of course. I try to keep count but it's hard, though I know he did exceed thirty minutes in smoke breaks, 4:35-4:47, 6:09-6:22, and there was one more that I didn't time.

Another thing I saw today, I asked Sherwin for a garbage change (there are two buckets on line), he changed mine but Jeff refused to have his changed. Jeff later changed his garbage, pulling out the garbage with his bare hands. He then wiped his hands on his rag and when for a smoke break. I am not sure if his hands ever got actually washed, or just wiped, but they did not get washed on line.

I am in an unusual situation right now as I'm closing hot and cold side. But he won't let me touch cold side until he leaves, so that only gives me two hours to get rid of all the grime that's been built on for the last week. I tried today to clean it after my hot side was cleaned up and he basically kicked me off, so if the cold side is shit it's because I don't have time to get it all done. He says he'll do whatever I want him to clean, but I want it clean, not have his dirty rag wiped on it.

I think I need to leave soon. All this stress is making me pretty mad, and I keep taking it out on Diana. With the baby on the way I really need to leave before things get worse, I don't care too much about money, I need to be happy, and right now I'm really not.

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