Aug 14 2011 - Aug 11 2013

Vacation To The Maritimes: 2011-08-14

Diana has asked that I don't publish a paragraph from my Eastern Canada trip. So I have decided if it can't be published in it's (short) entirety it won't be published at all and I'll just keep it as a draft. That said it was a good trip, but I miss the cats very much and can't wait to be home.

I have been a bit of a grump on this trip, I don't want to be angry anymore, I don't want to have this short temper. I wish I could just enjoy life. I used to be so happy, but now I seem to get mad at the littlest things, I hope I can change back to the happy man I once was. Being angry like this isn't fair to Diana, and it keeps me from being happy. I need to go back to being less serious. It seems I'm angry or sad or upset more often than I am cheerful and happy, and that is not the person I wish to be.

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