May 27 2011 - Aug 11 2013

Useless Jeff: 2011-05-27

Today Jeff was being a useless douche again. Doug had sent me to the cooler in the basement to check how much water is in there, when I came back there was a bill in the printer that had been sitting there for a while, Julie asked Jeff to do it and he said "where's Ryan?" And refused to do it as he was portioning pasta. The bill sat in the printer for at least five minutes before I made it.

I was doing the audio training with Brett and Jeff kept getting me to do hot side bills, which I don't mind because I fucking don't want him touching the hot side anyway. But he took 3 smoke breaks while I was doing the training, so I had to cover the cold side as well, which pissed me off because I just wanted to get it done. The third time he went for a smoke I said fuck it I'm not doing his shit anymore if he's going to keep taking smokes and let the bills sit there. I tired to get cleaning done but it's hard when I have to watch cold and hot side, how can I get shit done when I'm done hot side bills I have to do cold side bills. At 9:15 Jeff came back from a smoke, and 9:30 he left for another one. At this point I was tired of covering his fat lazy ass and was only touching hot side bills. He must of had at least a dozen smoke breaks today.

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