Dec 02 2013 - Dec 02 2013

Update: 2013-12-02

Got a new mattress, so sleep has been better lately. Ryder has been walking around a lot, so awesome and cute. Not sure if I've mentioned this but I got a new job as Sous Chef at the Four Points by Sheraton. It's been good and touch. Working lots of hours trying to make and keep the place perfect. I've cleaned out the office pretty well, keeping everything organized and clean.

This weekend wasn't too good for me, messed up a lot. Burned a soup beyond saving, Overcooked my vegetables. made lumpy mashed potatoes, lost my circle cutter halfway through cutting, luckily I found it eventually. Too many hours because I've had to fix things I've done. Hopefully just a bad weekend and I can stop screwing everything I do up. Need to get back to being on top of everything and not screwing up. Need to be good at this.

Have few videos I'd like to upload, but having troubles since it's so hard to upload videos to my site currently. I really need to update how it's done.

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