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Universal Healthcare And Responsibilities : 2022-01-25

First of all I think it is important to discuss universal healthcare on its own. It should in my opinion be a basic right of any person to receive full health care coverage where reasonable. This would include dental, pharmaceuticals, eyesight, etc. Perhaps a subsidized cost based on income, but it should be easily and readily available.

We do not get to choose where we are born, and while I would prefer a world without borders and an very ease of travel, it is hard to change nations. So I feel there should be a duty of care that countries have to their citizens.

By providing basic universal healthcare they are able to reduce costs and increase efficiencies, in part by doing bulk purchases and treating things on a larger scale.

I think in return people have a duty of care as well, to themselves. To keep up on preventative maintenance on their bodies, to help keep costs low by dealing with things before they are an issue. Why I feel a yearly doctors visit should be required.

We should stop thinking we are entitled to everything just for being born. Sure it would be amazing to just wander around and see the world, different 'scapes and animals, just live with nature, but that isn't the world we are born with. We can keep hope and dreaming of a zombie apocalypse or some end of world event so we are left to the world in peace, but reality is we are born to a world full of people and need to co exist with them. The best thing for society thing is to co exist together and help each other out all we can.

So the old debate of weighing the rights of the individual versus the needs of the whole group. What takes precedence, the need of everyone to keep healthcare affordable and usable or a person's right to at least have dominion over their own body?

I don't have an answer to that myself, it can vary. The severity of the issue, how beneficial the cure can be. I feel one of most amazing accomplishments was the complete eradication of smallpox worldwide. We as a species on every part of this globe came together and made a whole disease disappear. Something we can't even see with the naked eye. That to me has been one of the pinnacles of human achievement.

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