Apr 18 2017 - Apr 18 2017

Turtle Power: 2017-04-18

Ryder is really into teenage mutant ninja turtles. He is also big into roleplaying. Today he has decided our family are the turtles (his pet turtle he calls "turtle power"). I'm Donatello, Logan is Mikey, Diana is Ralphy, and Ryder is Leonardo. He has 2 play knives he is running around with. The house is "Master Splinter" and the pink table is shredder. Not sure the table will survive the night. He said I'm Donny because "I'm good with computers". Actually said computers, so many new words today!

He loves roleplaying so much, in the house he's usually a kitty, goes on the counters, meows (now Logan is meowing all the time too), drinks out of their water dish, wants his food in cat dish to eat beside them. Even gone in the litter a few times if we aren't watching. Sometimes he will say "no look", "don't look at me", "you no watch me" because he's about to do something he knows we wouldn't want him to do, like use the litter. When outside he's usually a puppy and wants to go for walks, insists on a harness and leash, barks a lot, tries to run with the pack. He says there are 3 puppies and counts himself, or 5 and counts Harley, and the 5th puppy is his cat Jack.

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