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Trip To The Maritimes: 2011-08-14

So we've gone on a road trip to eastern Canada. There was a great Italian place in Sault Ste. Marie, not too far from the KOA. The name escapes me, but the food was great, if not for big portions; and the price was really decent for all the food we got. Ottawa has some of the friendliest people we've met. When we were first getting into the campground, a section of the 416 was closed, and we had great difficulties getting into the campgrounds as it was the entrance to the park. Eventually we found our way in, and the park warden on duty was very helpful in finding out spot in the late hours of the night, and said not to worry about the permit until the morning. I wish we had gotten his name, as I would have thanked him in the comments box.

There was also a guy at the Mark's work warehouse that had a rock band, and he was really nice too, making jokes, and he was the first one in the year that Diana had her credit card to point out she has never signed it. Montreal was nice, we almost fucked in the woods, but Diana kept chickening out because people were sort of nearby. It was nice, she was grabbing me all over, and I her. Sadly that moment of passion was lost and never brought back for the rest of the day after we left the woods. It was nice in the woods, because she was all over me as well, seems like I usually have to do most of the work, but this time it was mutual. I know I don't actually do most of the work, it just sometimes feels like it to me; the actual humping that is, she does just as much foreplay as me. She also takes care of most of the housework, so it evens out. It's just so rare to see her so hot and heavy, I so wish we ended up fucking in the woods; it would of been real good.

The French haven't been so bad, one guy at a crepes store said "tres bein" when I said "merci", which I found odd. Diana says they don't like me speaking french, which I find stupid, when we were in Japan they didn't mind my attempts at Japanese, would they rather people made no attempts to learn their language? If someone tried to speak English to me but wasn't very good I would applaud him/her for their efforts, at least they're trying. I would rather they try than stick to gestures and a language I don't understand. I don't think too many people think like Diana says, that they get angry when I thank them in french, but I would say those who do are isolationist assholes.

The KOA's are not as nice as the provincial park, a lot more crowded, a lot less privacy. Though they do have swimming pools and I did enjoy swimming, the parks usually have a lake. The water here is so much clearer and warmer than that in Winnipeg. Even on a cool day where the sun is barely out I can get into the water and not have to leave 20 minutes later because I'm shivering so much. On sunny days the water is even nicer, I so want to move to Ontario, or anywhere warmer. I kind of wish Diana didn't bring her phone, she is always on Facebook on it, or messaging family and friends. I would of preferred if the trip was just the two of us, it feels like we brought everyone along still. I get that we need to keep in touch, make sure everything is okay at home, but it's annoying when I go to sit with her by the fire and she's just staring at her phone. Also because she brought her phone with her that means she brought Reddit with her, and I can't control my addictions so that means I'm on there alot now.

It's been a nice trip, but I can't wait to get home and settle back in, see all of the cats and kittens. I have my wolf head to hang somewhere, and need to get my MP3 player set-up for my bike ride to work Monday. I lost my iPod shuffle just before we left on the trip, and I decided against a new one because of my hatred of iTunes. It's a really bad bloated piece of software, I got it off of the desktop a while ago, can't wait to get it off of the laptop. I bought the X-men animated series, which I need to put in with my DVD collection. Will have to tidy the house up, litter etc. get it all back in order. Will probably be a few weeks before I'm all settled in again, because I work right after we get back I have to time to really settle everything in.

Wish the trip could of been shorter, or the vacation longer, so I had some actual days to actually unwind, which I never seem to get. Hopefully next year I can get a week off just to unwind at home and not do anything; if I take a vacation next year, I don't really like taking time off, always get nightmares about work, that things have changed, that I come back and don't know anything, that I'm no good at it anymore. I have some pictures on the camera I want to put on my site that I took, saw this really beautiful flower, it was the only one of it's kind around. Also need to look into getting a new phone, my contract is almost up, I'd kind of like an android, but I know if I had a smartphone I'd be using the internet everywhere, and it's nice to get away from it when I can, I'll probably just get another flip phone.

We have a bit of a drive ahead of us, 18 hours a day, just can't wait to be home though, so much to do. She wants to do the attic when we get back, but I think we'll need a few weeks to settle back in before we start anything like that, I know I'll need a while to get back in the grove. Can't wait to have my own bathroom again, taking regular showers, being able to piss when I want to, instead of holding it in for so long because the walk to the bathroom is long and cold.

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