Sep 12 2009 - Aug 11 2013

Toronto: 2009-09-12

I was in Toronto for the past few days, and had a blast with Diana. We arrived Wednesday night and departed Sunday afternoon. The whole trip was amazing, and even though we didn't get to do everything we planned on doing we had a great time.

Wednesday we got to the airport around 4:30, going through security was no problem. The plane ride wasn't so bad, though I was a little nervous I ended up sleeping most of the way. When we landed we decided to take the shuttle to the hotel. However finding the shuttle took us a while, though we did eventually find the stop. There was a sign that said you had to call for a shuttle ride, since neither of us wanted to call we walked. We got fairly lost but finally found it, it took us about an hour after picking up our luggage to get to the hotel. Once there we pretty much right to sleep.

Thursday we headed for Toronto after picking up the rental in the morning. We parked the car and wandered around the city from around 11 am to 11 pm, then headed home. We went by the harbour, visited Toronto Island, which has a clothing optional beach we sadly never had the chance to go to. We went to Toronto mall, and wandered around downtown doing a lot of shopping along the way. When we got back we were disappointed to realize room service ends at 11, but we had bought a bunch of candy to snack on.

Friday we went with Aunt Olli to Niagara falls and Marine Land. Niagara was great, we went on the Maid of the Mist. We had a small picnic afterwards, and then headed to Marine Land. Marine Land was great, we got splashed by Orcas and fed the deer by hand. They tended to follow you around until you gave them all the food you had.

Saturday we went to the African Safari, and attempted to go to the Medieval castle. We didn't make our dinner reservation as we got lost on the way back, but that's okay we still made it in time to order room service. They added a gratuity onto our bill automatically, which was kind of annoying, since I would of liked to actually of tipped more; we did order the room service ten minutes to close after all.

Saturday we went to the African Lion Safari, which Diana really loved, she took at least 150 pictures there. The park attendant by the monkeys was fairly annoying, making us move on before we were done looking at them; at least for all the other animals we could stop and look as long as we wanted. There was an American van in front of us that was trying to feed the animals carrots, two monkeys ended up fighting over one. As well there was another van that had their windows open and were feeding the zebra by hand, which did not seem like a good idea to me. After the Safari we went and saw the shows, the birds of prey and the elephants.

We made it back into the hotel to rest for a bit, and then headed to the city to go to the Medieval Show they have there. However the Canadian National Exhibition was on and we got seriously lost on our way there. We ended up going to Hero Burgers, a great little burger shack, and then a little coffee shop that had great desserts.

Sunday we slept in and then headed home. Sadly we realized I lost my hat during the trip, but I lose things all the time so I'm used to it. The plane we were on had mechanical problems so they moved us to another plane and I was an hour late for work.

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