Jul 09 2011 - Aug 11 2013

Thinking Of Giving Up Netflix: 2011-07-09

I'm getting tired of the lack of good quality content. I have watched everything that I've wanted to watch, and I'm out of stuff that I want to see. Every Tuesday I'm hoping for some new content, but they keep coming out with B-movies from the SyFy channel and other flops. I was excited to hear about the mighty morphin' power rangers, but that is of course American only. Seems every time I hear a new good show is available I go to check and it's American only.

The kittens are very active now, and I've given them some toys to play with. Calvin keeps acting as the step-dad, bathing them, playing with them, and today Iggy tried to feed off of him. Of course it was unsuccessful, to Iggy's disappointment.

So many projects I want to do still, the guest room, the kitchen, the basement, the attic, landscaping outside, make a proper border for the garden outside. Things are slowly getting done, I think we can have most of it done by winter. I still have a bunch of old cutting boards I'm trying to imagine a project for. My winter project will be adding videos to this site, I seem to have abandoned the Gigi project.

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