Sep 30 2011 - Aug 11 2013

Things That Jeff Does That Annoys Me: 2011-09-30

  • He leaves the knives on line blade facing up. This is a safety hazard and I've asked him not to, but he'll still put them blade side up. One day someone will get hurt because of him.
  • He complains about everything. Table of four he complains, it's busy he complains, it's slow he complains, any time he actually has to do work he complains.
  • He makes crappy food. He has no presentation skills, everything he does looks like a mess. More often than not his plates will have his thumb print on them. He never does things properly so his quality is always lacking as well. We cut our chicken in half, straight down the middle, splitting it in two. This way, when someone eats a clubhouse they have chicken in every bite. He simply cuts it in half, so you have two big pieces of chicken with very little surface area.
  • He will try to use the same cloth all day for cleaning, he will wipe everything with this cloth, even the plates. He will get angry when you get rid of his cloth because you can't stand the sight of it on line.
  • He never closes the lids to the reach-in coolers after using them, especially the middle. This means food spoils a lot faster, and it's harder for the coolers to keep their temp.
  • He doesn't know how to change a insert. Instead of getting a new insert, filling it a little with new produce, and then putting the old produce on top he does it the stupid way. He will simply put new produce on top of the old, and then later on in the night flip all of the inserts. This means that he is taking new produce for several hours instead of old between when he fills them and when he flips them. Some inserts after he flips them they will become half full, so he re-fills them again, and never flips again. Sometimes he will flip them and then put new stuff on top, completely missing the purpose of rotation.
  • A lot of times he will try to help me by putting my garlic toast down or something. The problem is unlike him I try to time all my food to come up at once. So I have ribs and a pasta I don't want the toast down until just before I'm plating, otherwise it sits there for ten minutes. He never butters the edges, so I usually have to re-butter the toast anyway. He can't cut even, and this is really apparent when he tries to slice a lemon for my fish. This is what annoys me most, he is bringing my food down, making it as crappy as his. I want my food to be as perfect as I can make it, and his interference makes it less than it could be.

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