Jan 30 2011 - Aug 11 2013

Things I Remember: 2011-01-30

When thinking back to elementary it's hard to tell the difference between dreams and reality, so if anything isn't factual it's because my memories aren't anywhere near perfect.

In grade one I remember having a birthday party at my house. People came, but Desiree didn't, though she did give me a gift, it was either a crazy vibrating pen that vibrates when you write so you get squiggles, or a stencil set, for making pictures of dinosaurs; or maybe even both. I really enjoyed both of them, either way. She was the weird girl in the class, so she was probably the closest to me, which being elementary meant I bugged her as much as I could.

In kindergarten I remember being outside the front window, in the time before school where we are supposed to play outside before school starts. I was hiding in the bushes in this little path that existed between them and the school, and knocking on the window. I remember talking to a girl in our class, who got to stay inside for some reason. I think I talked her into letting me in as well. It might of been Whitney, but I really can't remember now.

During grade one or two we had some kind of science day where you went around to different classrooms to learn different things. One class had chia pets for everybody, another had a lecture on prisms and rainbows. One offered lucky charms, and I remember eating the marshmallows that dropped off the floor, pretending to be a vacuum cleaner, I didn't see anything wrong with it, and they tasted good. I think I was teased about that for a while.

I was crazy about show n' tell, and was always bugging the teacher to have one. I would always do magic tricks that I learned from a magic book. Sarah was always my assistant/translator. Because I was in French immersion it had to be in French, so that took some of the fun out of it as I couldn't speak it that well. So I would have Sarah do the talking while I perform the trick, I'd have to answer questions, but Sarah would help. Eventually the teacher was on me more and more to speak French, so I got tired of show N' tell and magic tricks.

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