Mar 11 2008 - Aug 11 2013

Chapter 3: Sniper

I watch the man enter the building from my street side car. I quickly run to the elevator and push the up button, it seems to take forever to come. I push my floor and fidget nervously while I wait for it to reach my floor, God, why can't I keep control. I enter my room and gather myself, I've never done something like this before, I hope I don't mess up. I head over to the window and undo the bolts the hotel put there to keep people from opening it.

I look through my scope, sitting by the window of my 63rd floor room. Sure enough the man is there, along with a second person. I can see the two men arguing about something on the rooftop. The first man looks extremely confident, the other man looks rather nervous, as if he's unsure of why he's even there. They began to argue about something, it's hard to say what, wish I could read lips right now.

The first man seems to be winning the argument as the other man looks to be coming over to his side. Suddenly they stop talking and the other man pauses in his movements, apparently gathering himself up. All of a sudden he jumps off the building! I realized this was the only chance I had and took the shot, hitting my target dead on in the side of his head, he dropped instantly.

The shot was taken, my work here done. I closed the window and put the bolts back on. I hurried to my briefcase and start stuffing it full. I pack up all of my equipment and quickly leave the room for my car in the parkade. I get in and fumble with my keys. I finally start the car and drive away into the night.

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