Nov 14 2007 - Aug 11 2013

Sidebar Coming Soon: 2007-11-14

Okay I managed to get my sidebar actually working, somehow. I'm sad to say I barely understand why it works but it does, however for some reason it won't layout properly in IE, only in Firefox can one see it's true glory. Now I would prefer to have my site browser compatible, and it still is very readable in IE, however the design is lacking in it. I have however decided to use the sidebar with the limited support I have working for it, as it does not detract that much in IE. Now I can fix it so it works in IE, however that will seemingly break it in FF. Now as I always use FF I would prefer to have the layout working there and not somewhere else. So you guys can expect to see a sidebar on the right hand side of your pages in a few days.

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