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Shirts I Miss: 2017-12-04

I had a Reese shirt. Tagless. Got it in the mail. I remember seeing it at the Safeway at Henderson before it closed, buy 4 or 5, send in and get a free shirt. I bought 5 right there. It wasn't too thin, loved it was tagless, a good orange. I think I got a women's cut, as the men's shirts seemed too big. Loved it.

Had my tie die shirt I made with Diana for our engagement. Barely remember back then now. Blue long sleeved shirt that was like made from long john material. Never too warm or cold. My Judas Priest hoodie from one of my first concerts. My Motley Crue shirt. The Minions shirt I just got, was a great fit, won it on a radio contest from QX104. That was such a good time with Ryder and Logan. Loved having it to remind me of that time. There was a Jets Jersey I liked wearing to replace my moosehead one, warm but not too warm. Had a really old white shirt, lots of holes, I just liked the look it gave sometimes. My Doctor Who shirt Diana got for me. All my moosehead shirts from cases. My Firefly hat and Doctor Who scarf Diana made for me, that meant so so much to me.

Mostly I miss my bins of everything I had from my childhood. I always imagined going through the bins with them (kind of like Homer going through the attic) and the items bringing up stories I could tell them when they were older. Just letting the children know so much about me. That meant so much to me that I'd be able to do that, as I don't remember much, but when I see something it brings up so many memories. Like the lego I saved since 4th grade. Such a big story with that. Could take a day telling a story with every item in those bins, the license plate David and I got. They would know so much about me, help us bond and understand me more.

I had a nice red silk shirt from Japan from our honeymoon, I think I spent $80 after the exchange, it was a perfect summer shirt. Longer sleeves up to my elbow, kept me cool. Looked good in it no matter my hair or anything.

That was the biggest part of it, even going through my shirts and telling the stories behind them. The loss of my bins was huge, that was something I wanted so badly to do with the kids. To show them my life.

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