Jul 19 2011 - Aug 11 2013

Shadow Is Stealing The Kittens: 2011-07-19

Well Calvin has been getting along with the new additions very well, been playing with them nicely, bathing them, running with them, etc. When he plays he never uses his claws, he is almost like a step dad to the kittens.

Shadow on the other hand has been very different, she was constantly growling at them, hissing at them, she wouldn't go near them. I think she was a little jealous, that Cin got to be a mom, and that the kittens were getting so much attention. Lately though that's changed; and we think it has to do with the fact she's going into heat.

Now she is being extra friendly towards them, and has even tried feeding them, unsuccessfully of course. She was even caught feeding with them off of Cinnamon, though Diana didn't like that. She was in a row with them, as if she was one of them.

Last night she slept with them, in the basket by the bed, which she kind of stole from Calvin, who stole it from Monzy. She's bathing them a lots, purring a lot, and being very cuddly with them. This morning Iggy almost made it to the kitchen before Shadow came and dragged her back to the basket. Cin is still feeding them, though by the bedroom door. Shadow is like one of those crazy ladies who steal other people's babies and pretend it's theirs. She can't feed them, but they don't mind, they keep trying before going to Cinnamon. In face they seem to like Shadow more, as Cin was in the middle of weening them. All four of them are sleeping together now. I just wonder if this will last when Shadow comes out of heat. Right now I almost think she thinks she is the mom. It was just so cute seeing her trying to pick Iggy up, and then when she couldn't figure it out just dragging her all across the floor to the basket.

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