Sep 03 2011 - Aug 11 2013

Second Bedroom Is Done: 2011-09-03

Finished the second bedroom today, just did the floor, no painting. Took us about 3-4 days to do. Looks really nice, we re-arranged the room and it feels like there is a lot more space.

Work has been going okay. I've been trying to take more control lately, be more of a first cook, control quality and all of that. I'm closing Fridays now as it's tiring for Jeff. It was nice, did a lot of cleaning, though the pizza oven broke down halfway through my shift. I hope it can be fixed soon, and that it was nothing I did. I did try cleaning it, and there was a bit of a spark, so it probably was my fault.

Hopefully doing the kitchen this weekend, painted and new floor. After that just need to fix a few spots up and then just have the basement. Got some landscaping I'd like to do, and want to put a vapour barrier in the attic as well.

Cats are good, been trying to let them outside more, since they love it so much. However we don't want to let them just roam so they have to be supervised, so can't let them out as much as we'd like.

Got a new computer case and power supply. Pretty much got it all together now, the power supply is in the new case, as is all the hardware, I'm just working on the wiring right now. After that I need to re-arrange my desk a bit because it's so big it won't fit under the desk anymore.

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