Dec 24 2013 - Dec 24 2013

Resolutions Overview: 2013: 2013-12-24

  1. Achieve my red seal for culinary arts. - Done! Actually managed to pass! As well I am now Sous Chef at the Four Points by Sheraton. Good year for me career wise.
  2. Be with Diana the entire year. - Done with a few bumps on the way.
  3. Get healthy. Lose some weight, eat better. - Haven't really lost weight, I was good up until the last few months and then I've gained it back. I have really cut down on pop, and as of December 14 I am trying to quit drinking alcohol. I am eating better, though I still have a lot of fast food. Still not exercising besides biking to work, which it is now too cold to do.
  4. Be less lazy. - About the same. At least I haven't gotten more lazy.
  5. Be happy, even if I didn't get enough sleep. - No but working on it. Am happy, but I get really cranky without my sleep.
  6. Get the house done. - :( Not even close. Too many issues with neighbours and city and contractor.
  7. Be a good father. - I've been pretty good on this front. We've really bonded the last few months, more and more now that he is getting playing more, and remembering things.

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