Dec 17 2012 - Aug 11 2013

Resolutions Overview: 2012: 2012-12-17

  1. Read more. I can worry about writing later, but I need to get back into the habit of reading a ton of books, it helped keep my mind sharp. - Little better. I read a bit, though still not too much, as I didn't have that much free time.
  2. Be with Diana the entire year. - Done :).
  3. Eat better/drink less pop. I was close to quitting pop, but if I continue to reduce it in my diet I'll be happy. I need to try to eat healthier. - I'm drinking a lot more water, and less pop, though it is still in my diet, and I still have a hard time resisting it after I eat.
  4. Don't take on any more pets. - No more pets have been added to the household, though we have Ryder now.
  5. Improve my computer. - It's improved a lot.
  6. Take out chimney/run bathroom vent to outside/fix pipe in attic. General home improvements. - Started, though very little has gotten done. I've been taking the basement apart so I feel like something is happening. We got a contractor, but so many delays.
  7. Keep basement dry. - Hasn't been too bad. Not so much damage this year as everything is upstairs.
  8. Stay happy, at work and at home. - I'm happier. Things have recently gotten better at work now that I only see Jeff two days a week, which has made me happier at home as well. Though I have noticed if I don't get sleep I get very VERY cranky.
  9. Come up with a lot of new recipes. - Did a lot of specials this year, though as of the last few months haven't really done anything new. Have been really working on a bunch of sandwiches though.
  10. Learn Flash or Javascript. Make a basic game. - Nothing has been done on this.

Wow it's actually kind of scary to think another year has passed. Feels like a very successful year. Have more cats then ever before, computer is finally running smooth again, Diana is done school. I feel a lot older, like too much time has passed. Had a great road trip, and I learned on it to be less bitchy all the time and just accept things. After that things between Diana and I have been great, I've finally matured to the point where I don't keep as much of my anger about me as I did, a lot less things annoy me then they did before. Still some issues at work, but it is getting better.

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