Dec 26 2011 - Aug 11 2013

Resolutions Overview: 2011: 2011-12-26

  1. Improve my skills as a chef, be more creative in the kitchen and take a bigger stand. - Done. I've been doing more and more dinner specials, and they have really been a great creative outlet. The kitchen has been getting a lot better, and as long as I can hold my ground and make sure people do what they're supposed to the night runs fine. Just keep getting better.
  2. Be with Diana the entire year. - Done :).
  3. Actually write something. - Very little got written this year.
  4. Read more, as that helps me write creatively. - I was actually starting to get some books read, then I got Skyrim.
  5. Do something with the basement. - It's better, cleaner, still not perfect, see how it is in spring.
  6. Undertake a home improvement project, something ambitious. - Did all the floors, landscaping in the backyard, new rain barrel base built, house got painted, very productive year.
  7. Create something on my site, game, math program, etc. - Nothing new has been created.
  8. Make love to Diana more. - Big success.
  9. Quit drinking pop. - I've cut down, and I've gone a few weeks here and there without, but I haven't completely stopped. Need to get on that.
  10. Exercise somewhat. - Haven't done anything. Perhaps I'll take up swimming or join a sports team next year.

Wow it's actually kind of scary to think another year has passed. Feels like a very successful year. Have more cats then ever before, computer is finally running smooth again, Diana is done school. I feel a lot older, like too much time has passed. Had a great road trip, and I learned on it to be less bitchy all the time and just accept things. After that things between Diana and I have been great, I've finally matured to the point where I don't keep as much of my anger about me as I did, a lot less things annoy me then they did before. Still some issues at work, but it is getting better.

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