Sep 15 2008 - Aug 11 2013

Red Riding Hoodie

Red Hoodie,
Covering her face,
Staring out the window,
Gloom in her eyes.

Bus zooms by,
The eyes become distant,
But her Red Hoodie,
Now becomes distinct in my mind.

Thoughts wander,
To her gazing through the glass,
Into the midst of strangers,
To scratch their lives as she passes.

Red Hoodie Girl,
You scratched me deeper than most,
I yearn to be on that bus,
So I could see the girl behind the Red Hoodie.

Is she still thinking of me,
Or did I fail to break through her shield?
What lies beneath her Red Hood,
What makes her eyes light up like fireworks?

Are you off to see Grandama,
All sickly and old,
Bring her the medicine,
So she can keep sucking up her life.

I think of you as a great being,
misunderstood and lonely,
Looking for other lost souls in the city jungle,
And for a fleeting moment you had found one.

I get on my own bus,
The distance between us grows,
I doubt I'll ever see you again,
And if I do I know I won't recognize you.

One last time I let my mind wander to you,
As I finish heading home,
Would you ever have let me be your Big Bad Wolf,
Or would I forever be resigned to the life of the Lone Hunter?

This poem is just about a lonely girl, staring out of the bus window, as her life goes zooming by around her, and a person who slows down enough to notice.

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