Jan 11 2022 - Jan 11 2022

Radioactive Nightmare: 2022-01-11

So had a dream last night where me and my class/co-workers/group of friends whatever got teleported to a mirror universe. We were under some government lock-down in a facility or school of some kind. There was stuff to do, like cooking or play structures, tunnels to go exploring and fix things, like jeffries tubes in Star Trek almost.

Eventually they let us meet our mirror counterparts, slowly, seeing what would happen if we touched or got close. But it was fine and we were talking, though communication was hard as we both heard the others as talking backwards. I was talking with myself, fast at first, then we slowed down to 1 word at a time, lots of gestures learning if we were both left handed or not, what differences there were, trying to learn to speak backwards.

Then we were moving around and suddenly all the mirror people are dead. Takes us a bit but then we find out we are radioactive to them. Our gieger counters wouldn't go off but then suddenly their counters were as we were so radioactive it wasn't able to measure us before. It seemed to be normalizing the longer we stayed, but taking way too long. The soldiers then tried to kill us, so lots of classic running and hiding.

Then mirror Amelia was there, and her dad was dead, and she just wanted to come to me and want a hug and comfort but I kept running from her, telling her to stay away because she would die if she got too close to me, I was dangerous for her.

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